Sidekick Shenanigans


This installment of Sidekick Shenanigans is a little different. Since I’m spending my free time in the studio working on my new audio book it features my studio buddy Chewy, an adorable long haired miniature dachshund. He was the perfect companion to unwind with during breaks from recording. Just look at those soulful eyes!



GianRaul’s Stem Cell Fund



GianRaul’s Stem Cell Fund

This fund will be used to help get 2 year old GianRaul 2nd round of Stem Cell Therapy.

GianRaul Moreno Olivo (GMO) sustained a Brain Injury at Birth. Doctors were not able to find his heart beat until 15 minutes after birth and it was not until 30 mins after delivery did GianRaul took his first voluntary breathe. This is why GMO is truly God’s Miracle On earth. Due to the lack of oxygen his brain received at birth, also known as Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE), GMO was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (CP) and Epilepsy among other things. There are no cures for these diagnoses but with Brain Injury you can teach a person to use their body with intensive therapy and other alternative therapies. One of those therapies is Stem Cell Therapy.

Last year, with the help of generous donors we were able to take GMO to Panama to get his first round of Stem Cell therapy. Since his treatment in August we have seen; a significant decrease in seizure activity and less stiffness in limbs. We have also noticed more eye tracking and alertness. He has also been showing signs of cognitive understanding. These are all HUGE improvement in GianRaul’s quality of life and I am certain these gains have a direct result from receiving stem cells last summer.

This year we would like to build on the gains that GianRaul has already made by taking him back for 2nd round of stem cells, but we can’t do it alone. Please help us get GianRaul his second round of stem cell by purchasing a limited edition “GMO” t-shirt. The GMO team has teamed up with Malaysian author and artist Kopi Soh to bring to you this unique fun design that celebrates youth and childhood. For every t-shirt sold $15 will go directly to GianRaul in order to get stem cells.

Stem Cell Therapy is expensive and is NOT covered by insurance. The cost of Stem Cell Therapy is $15,500 and that does not include Flight, travel expenses or accommodations. We have chosen to travel back to Panama to get GianRaul’s stem cells since we have seen first hand results. Stem Cell Injections are not a cure but they help GMO have a better quality of life. I invite you to be part of the “GMO” team and purchase a t-shirt and/or donate to GianRaul’s Stem Cell Fund. Also feel free to post a picture of yourself wearing the T-shirt on GianRaul’s facebook fan page

Thank you for being part of our family and helping us continue creating Miracles for GMO


Be a Perpetual Tourist!!!


Why, you ask? Being a “tourist” means you can get away with doing things that wouldn’t normally be acceptable.  See a fountain you would love to climb all over? A funny statue or cool mural you want pictures of? I say go for it!  Forget what other people think of you and just have fun, just don’t do anything illegal. As a writer having this kind of attitude has helped me gain a plethora of experiences to draw on for scene setting and character development. Here are a few shots of times I’ve played “tourist”

Be a Perpetual Tourist!!!

Farmer’s Market Monkey

Gas Station Art

Gas Station Art


Skelephant Statue


A part of the Moment

Tired from sightseeing

Tired from sightseeing


Frame yourself


Yummy, ice cream!!


Try navigating your city using a map instead of your phone

Winter 2010-springbreak 023

Had to stop anyway, why not have some fun?


When Planking was a thing