Sidekick Shenanigans


This installment of Sidekick Shenanigans is a little different. Since I’m spending my free time in the studio working on my new audio book it features my studio buddy Chewy, an adorable long haired miniature dachshund. He was the perfect companion to unwind with during breaks from recording. Just look at those soulful eyes!



Shark Week Blues



Shark Week is officially over and that means it’s time for me to get back to work. If only my brain would get on board. All my current story ideas are totally stuck in Shark territory. Sexy marine biologists in dangerously fishy situations here I come. I probably won’t be writing these to publish but hey sometimes its good just to write for yourself.

Be a Perpetual Tourist!!!


Why, you ask? Being a “tourist” means you can get away with doing things that wouldn’t normally be acceptable. ¬†See a fountain you would love to climb all over? A funny statue or cool mural you want pictures of? I say go for it! ¬†Forget what other people think of you and just have fun, just don’t do anything illegal. As a writer having this kind of attitude has helped me gain a plethora of experiences to draw on for scene setting and character development. Here are a few shots of times I’ve played “tourist”

Be a Perpetual Tourist!!!

Farmer’s Market Monkey

Gas Station Art

Gas Station Art


Skelephant Statue


A part of the Moment

Tired from sightseeing

Tired from sightseeing


Frame yourself


Yummy, ice cream!!


Try navigating your city using a map instead of your phone

Winter 2010-springbreak 023

Had to stop anyway, why not have some fun?


When Planking was a thing