Teen Age Idol

In response to Daily Post: Teen Age Idol

My teen age idol wasn’t a young pop star but an actress.  Gabrielle Union first caught my attention with her bit part in 10 Things I Hat About You.  She was the token black, a mean girl with only a few short scenes of her being a bitch.  Still I remember being excited to see she had a bigger role in the next film I saw her in, Bring It On.  I loved how feisty her character was, the Black girl from the inner city standing up for the right to cheer in the big leagues.  Officially in love, I hopped on the internet and searched out her entire filmography.  Gabrielle Union is one of those actresses who isn’t afraid to take risks, from the overtly sexual man-stealer in Two Can Play That Game to the self hating nutcase in Neo Ned, she’s covered a lot of acting ground.  What makes her even more admirable?  She stays out of the tabloids, no sex tapes or scandals from this classy lady.  That’s why even as an adult I still consider her my idol.




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