Alabama Book Festival 2014 – Tales of a Book Festival Queen



I’ve been in Montgomery, Alabama for about 6 months and am still just scratching the surface of the writing community here.  Needless to say, as soon as I heard about the 2014 Alabama Book Festival I was all over the website to see what it had to offer. Sadly, it was way too late to be a guest author or procure a booth, but otherwise I was not disappointed.

I signed up for the two featured writing workshops, Fundamentals of Fiction Writing, led by Donald Anderson, and How to Get Your Work Published, led by Charles Salzberg. Both were very informative and a great place to mingle with other authors, both published and aspiring.

The workshops for me were a highlight but being the social butterfly I am, the fun didn’t stop there.  I flitted from booth to booth, talking the ear off of anyone who would listen (you’d be surprised how many there were) about my adventures in self- publishing.  It was a demographic that was severely lacking, and I was suddenly the go to girl for those interested in taking the self-pubbed route over traditional publishing.

I’m no expert but I was more informed then even the most established writing societies at the event.  I gladly shared my knowledge and expanded my writers social network.  I was too busy socializing to remember to take pictures for this post so all I have is the picture of my spoils. Whoops!

Either way, it was an awesome way to spend my Saturday, reveling with like minded people and promoting my book. I am definitely marking my calendar for next year, and I swear to be more prepared.  More importantly I won’t forget my crown.

Oh, and here is a list of links for the books in the picture. Click the title for book information and the author name for their website XD

The Exiled Heir: Book One of the Autumn’s Fall Saga by Jonathan French

The Fountain:Secrets of Seulmonde by Vernell Chapman

Naga Ceyon: You Are Never Alone, The Zone Chronicles Book 1 by Wami Ogunbi



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