99CENT DEAL!!! 5 stars on AMAZON



Available Now on Amazon (Print and eBook)

After escaping the clutches of the evil Vampiress Maura, three friends struggle with the past in finding a new way of life and love…

Xander’s nightmare past has left him with some serious control issues.  Without the burning hatred that kept him going when he was under Maura’s thumb, he had nothing else to live for.  Maura had destroyed everything he had once been.  Jaded and closed off to the world around him, Xander is completely unprepared for the arrival of Cat.

One catastrophe changed Cat’s life forever.  Cat thought her best friend was crazy for wanting to be a vampire but loved her enough to go along with it anyway.  When a sick twist of fate lands her in her friends place, her strong personality and an intolerance for mysterious, arrogant, know it all types like Xander, are the only things she has left to call her own.  She can’t possibly allow a few years of forced celibacy and tempting encounters to take that away as well.

When the past comes back to haunt them, will it destroy them or will they find the strength to claim what is in their hearts?



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